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Wisdom Treasure 100 Proverbial Essays

Wisdom Treasure 100 Proverbial Essays

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  • Author : M Akram Bhutto
  • Language : English 
  • Cover : Paper back 
  • No of Pages : 648
  • Publication : AH Publishers 

About the Book : 

“Wisdom Treasure” is an invaluable guide, specifically crafted for the ambitious CSS and PMS aspirants. This unique anthology features 100 comprehensive, thoughtprovoking essays, each masterfully researched and written to aid understanding and retention. Comprehensive outlines accompanying each essay simplify the learning process, making it easier to remember and recreate under exam conditions. In response to the latest trends in CSS and PMS examinations favouring proverbs and quotations, “Wisdom Treasure” provides well-targeted, ready material for aspirants. This book is more than a study aid — it’s an indispensable tool, fostering knowledge acquisition, enhancing memory, and offering a confident pathway to success in these rigorous exams.