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The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed
Second Edition

The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed Second Edition

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  • Author Name : Ishtiaq Ahmed

 Unravelling the 1947 Tragedy through Secret British Reports and First-Person Accounts

The Partition of India in 1947 resulted in the biggest forced migration in history—some 14 million people altogether—of which 10 million were from the Punjab. This book is a holistic study of the first major case of ethnic cleansing after the Second World War. Besides shedding new light on the events through secret British reports, it also contains poignant accounts by eyewitnesses, survivors, and even participators in the carnage on both sides of the border.

Winner of the Best Book on Punjab at the 2016 Lahore Vaisakhi Mela, the book provides a balanced account of Partition and highlights how religious differences are no bar to peaceful coexistence unless highlighted by divisive forces. It contains interviews of persons who survived the Partition violence on both sides, and have been candid in their revelations. This book will be of immense interest to anyone even remotely curious about the happenings of the most traumatic event in recent Indo-Pak history.