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Sufism The Soul of Islam
Sufism The Soul of Islam

Sufism The Soul of Islam

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  • Author Name : Sultan Muhammad Najib Ur Rehman
  • Subject : Islamic Spiritual
  • Language : English
  • Cover : Hard Binding
  • No of Pages : 1023
  • Publish Year : 2020

Sufism The Soul of Islam” is not just any book rather it’s a companion onto the spiritual journey. A few of the topics it discusses include how to love Allah above all? What is Mohammadan Assembly and whether it is spiritually held or not? What does the term Faqr mean which is used so popularly by Sufi writers and poets alike? Whether Allah can be seen or not? What is annihilation (fana) and immortality (baqa)? What is Khudi of poet Allama Iqbal? How to recognize oneself and find purpose of life? What is tawhid in Sufism? There is so much going on in the book that it will leave you wonderstruck.