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Rumi's Daughter

Rumi's Daughter

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  • Author Name : Muriel Maufroy 

Rumi is now acknowledged as one of the great mystica poets of all time. He was a vibrant figure whose unorthodox views on love still have tremendous impact today. Yet very little is known about his life except that he lived in Anatolia, had an extraordinary spiritual friendship with a man called Shams, and brought an adopted girl, Kimya, into his family. 

This beautiful novel is Kimya s story: how she finds herself drawn to the mysterious Shams, and how, by marrying him, her soul begins its true journey into fire. 

Set against the decline of the Byzantine Empire and the Mongol invasions, the account of this tempestuous love affair combines all the timeless energy, themes and passion of Rumi’s own verse with the rich storytelling that made Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist into a worldwide bestseller.