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Earthly Order
How Natural Laws Define Human Life

Earthly Order How Natural Laws Define Human Life

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  • Author Name : Saleem H. Ali

Current debates in politics often present what should constitute a ‘world order’ while scientists have wrestled with what are fundamental conditions of ‘natural order.’ Humanity has either tried to conquer or capitulate to natural order, whereas Earthly Order: How Natural Laws Define Human Life provides a readable synthesis of these debates with practical guidance for the public with a host of current examples around environmental decision-making by consumers, the government and industry.

With Earthly Order, Saleem Ali presents a grand, sprawling exploration of the scientific realm in search of simplicity in nature and order in our human planet. What he uncovers is revealing and provocative in equal measure - a fresh lens to look at the social, economic, political and environmental challenges of our unsustainable age - Professor Iain Stewart, Host of BBC Series, How Earth Made Us, UNESCO Chair in Geoscience and Society, Royal Scientific Society of Jordan