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Dear Mr Jinnah By Salman Faruqui

Dear Mr Jinnah By Salman Faruqui

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  • Author Name : Salman Faruqui
  • Binding : Hard Back
  • No of Pages : 429
  • Publication : Lightstone Publishers 

Islamabad: A new 432 pages book titled ?Dear Mr Jinnah? – 70 years in the life of a Pakistani civil servant by Salman Faruqui, a former high-ranking civil servant, offers a unique perspective on Pakistan?s history since independence.

The memoir blends Faruqui?s personal reminiscences with eye witness accounts of key political developments in the country?s history from 1947 when he and his family were abruptly uprooted during the Partition, and till 2017, when he completed his tenure as the Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan.

Faruqui served in the secretariats of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Prime Minister Junejo, and held some of the top civil service positions in the country, including Ambassador At Large, Secretary General to the President of Pakistan, and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission. This memoir provides a rich tapestry of anecdotes that illuminate Pakistan?s tumultuous political landscape. ?Dear Mr Jinnah? acts as both a tribute to the nation?s founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and a reflection on the hopes and disappointments of a seasoned civil servant. The book delves into the challenges, missed opportunities, and self-inflicted roadblocks that Pakistan has faced over its seventy years as a nation. Faruqui?s insightful and thought-provoking insider perspective sheds light on the complexities of Pakistani politics.

With a memorable line ?nothing moves with a clear destination within Pakistan, except the mighty Indus.? Pakistan?s historian Professor wrote ?There is much here for students of history and a general readership to learn and benefit from?