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A Thousand Miles Apart: 1971 War in East Pakistan

A Thousand Miles Apart: 1971 War in East Pakistan

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  • Author : Syed Ithar Hussain Shah
  • Language : English 
  • Cover : Hard back 
  • No of Pages : 460 

India’s rulers never accepted the creation of Pakistan. They were Intent on weakening the new-found state, taking advantage of mistakes by Pakistani rulers. Yahya Khan blundered when he abolished the ONE UNIT and the principle of parity, that balanced relations between provinces and the fedcration. It had earlier taken nine years to settle this tricky issue. Next, Sheikh Mujib was allowed to contest the elections on six points. When he won and refused to negotiate on these, six points, s military intervention was applied fo solye a political problem.

Yahya tried his best to mediate a political settlement between Sheikh Mujib and the dommans political party in the western wing, but both failed to arrive at a solution, being hostage to their own agendas . and priorities. OPERATION SEARCHLIGHT was a brilliant tactical success, but a strategic failure as it alienated the local population. By September 1971, the govemment in Islamabad wanted to resolve the East Pakistan issue politically. However, by this time Indian fangs were sunk deep into the flesh of East Pakistan, and they wouldn't let go without their pound of flesh. This was a humiliation for Pakistan.

Pakistan wanted to avoid a war which India ‘was only too keen to fight, It resulted in a confused war avoidance policy, leading to the debacle at Dacca. Ultimate heroism and extreme bravery at the tactical level, could not overcome the flaws of national policy and military strategy, ‘Millions suffered due to the follies of a few.