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A History of the Judiciary in Pakistan Second Edition

A History of the Judiciary in Pakistan Second Edition

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  • Author Name : Hamid Khan
  • Language : English
  • Cover : Paper Back
  • Publish Year : 2023
  • Publication : Oxford University Press

This book undertakes a comprehensive study of Pakistan’s judicial history since Independence. It includes detailed discussion of the act, lives, and judgments of significant Pakistani judges, with their continuing effects on the life of the nation.

One of the three primary organs of the state, the judiciary in Pakistan has attained a particularly prominent profile over the last decade and a half. The dramatic restoration to office of the Chief Justice, following the celebrated Lawyers’ Movement of 2007; the exercise of suo moto jurisdiction by the Supreme Court in matters of enforcement of fundamental rights; the increasingly prominent role the Judiciary is playing in the resolution of conflicts: these and other developments have further enhanced interest in the judiciary, which has become a focal point for people’s aspirations and hopes.

This is the second edition of the book; the first edition was published in 2016. This book will be of special interest to lawyers, judges, law professors, and to students of law, political science, and history, as well as general readers.