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Prison Journey A Memoir
Prison Journey A Memoir

Prison Journey A Memoir

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  • Author Name : Brigadier F. B. Ali 

"Finally, the author breaks his silence in public with this powerful memoir that is a severe indictment of a broken political and military system that led to the breakup of Pakistan and the descent into the politics of revenge and corruption.
Brigadier Ali represents a dying breed of brilliant and upright army officers who hold country above self and principle above pelf.

This book needs to be read and discussed by young officers in every regiment and headquarters of the Pakistan army. It is a paean to the "band of brothers" who dared to risk their careers for the sake of the country. Some were relatives of mine. Others I knew through my cousin, Farooq Nawaz Janjua, who too was at Attock Fort and who left this earth far too soon, after his release from prison".